Q: I have a Mark 1 88 and 73, and the action on the 88 is so much heavier than the 73. I've done just about everything I can think of to try to adjust this. I even installed the miracle mod on the 88, but it's still WAY heavier than the 73. At this point, I'm wondering if there's anything to be done; I suppose I'm looking for some sort of confirmation that this is normal for a Mark 1 88 Rhodes, and--if not--I'm looking for an adjustment recommendation. I think I've watched almost all your videos (LOVE THEM), but am still scratching my head. Any ideas? Thanks!

A: 88 note pianos do not have a heavier action than 73 models. There are factors that will determine the feel of action. With the proper recipe, lighter and smoother action is possible. Take note of the following steps: 

1. Set key height
2. Level and square key bed
3. Measure key dip (should be 3/8th plus 1/32nd which is 13/32nds. If not set to this height.)
4. Set the lowest escapement you can get away with, then adjust dampers.
5. Check your Miracle Mod install for proper stop lock. If installed properly you should have minimal after touch and you should feel the hammer snap and lock into place at end of key travel. It should not feel soft or spongy nor should it bobble.
6. Setting strike line properly will bring out the brilliance of the tone which will help in not having to strike as hard to get a pure tone.

Vintage Vibe has never encountered a piano that could not achieve a light touch once all regulation has been set up properly.